About Me


Hello! My name is Ali Richmond and I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. In this busy life, I take the time for yoga, meditation, filling my days with lots of love and guiding others on their journey to superior health.

The journey God planned for me has given me the passion to help others eat well, worry less and love more!

My approach is fundamental but effective, easily approachable and sustainable. My passion for finding a healthy lifestyle began not only with my own health struggles but with the birth of my first child 17 years ago.  I am blessed with four beautiful children and I want to nourish them in every way possible.  I knew that I needed to be careful about what they put into their bodies and onto their skin in order for them to maintain a strong immune system. 

A healthy lifestyle is attainable for everyone! A robust immune system can be restored and maintained through healing foods, nutrients, exercise and stress management. Many individuals suffer from auto immune disease, digestive problems, lack of energy, brain fog to name just a few. A new lifestyle and journey look different to everyone. As a nutritional therapy practitioner I recognize the importance of bio individuality. No two people have exactly the same nutritional needs and one of my passions is to dig deeply to discover the roots of my clients' life experience. I ask the "why" which  is of limited interest in the practice of mainstream healthcare.

I am on a mission to support a food revolution. I aim to help you make your choices  easier and to understand the impact of food and lifestyle on your health. One of my purposes is to help clients make healthy choices and free themselves from the foods that make them ill all while supporting everyone of my clients on their journey to superior health. And a journey it is. Just begin it. Every step will bring you closer to nourishing your body for clarity, energy and balance. 

"It is never too late to step into a healthier life, healthier choices, or to speak out and spread the word to the people you love." Ocean Robbins


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